CNC High Definition Plasma Cutting

TD Steel operates three plasma cutting systems to ensure flexibility and quick turnaround. Our 10’x40’ XPR300 HYPERTHERM with high speed bevel cutting on mild steel, stainless and aluminum; water injected plasma cutting torch for non-ferrous materials for superior edge quality. Enhanced monitoring and increased cut speed allow for optimal performance for even the most demanding jobs. In addition, the XPR300's True Hole technology ensures the most accurate and consistent plasma cutting results and the system's True Bevel technology drastically streamlines any bevel process. Our customers benefit from quick turnaround, precise cuts and consistently high quality.

Our team also operates a 8'x50' Metal Master Xcel cutting system that utilizes plasma and fiber laser technology. It allows for tighter tolerances, increased material thickness and cutting speed. The third plasma cutting system is the 8’x40’ HPR400 HYPERTHERM 400Amp Koike Aronson with optional Oxy-Fuel cutting up to 8” thick plates. Utilizing Hypertherm's state of the art features enables us to provide an unmatched level of accuracy and exactness with every job. If you are looking for great cut results, consistent parts and quick turnaround, get in touch with us today.

We have 4 full time estimators/project managers standing by to take your quote requests and have them back to you with high priority.